KH Values

Kingdom Harvest: For The Kingdom

Kingdom Harvest to us is a way to grow God's kingdom and show God's love, that's why each candle is labeled with a Bible verse, showing the true foundation of our company. 

Small batch, Hand Poured

Here at Kingdom Harvest, we focus on craftsmanship and quality. We have high standards, attention to detail is everything to us.  We do not believe in cutting corners or using cheap products, we make candles that we stand behind. That's why every candle comes from a small batch and is hand poured in-house in a meticulous process by our CEO + founder Jennifer Smith.

Clean Candles

Each candle is made with clean scents, free from toxins, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals poured with all natural soy wax that is made from 100% American grown soy beans. Our wicks are clean burning and made from cotton. We want to give our customers high-quality, clean burning candles that add simple luxury to your home.

We Value You

Kingdom Harvest is about more than just candles and we truly value you and your experience with us. We want you to love these candles as much as we do, so if you ever are unsatisfied with your purchase contact us at so we can ensure your satisfaction.